Sytnye Sady is a team of active young farmers who care for their health
Who are we?
Development areas
The Farm is engaged in crop and livestock production
Environmentally-friendly approach
At all stages of production, we provide our animals with home-grown feeds, such as grass and grains, that are free from impurities or harmful components
In-house production capabilities
We have our own production of dairy and smoked products
Why choose us?
We boast a unique historical location in the most pristine region
There are three forest areas in the vicinity of the farmland. Two of them are classified as primary forests (more than 900 years old)

The area has one of the best environmental profiles in the central part of Russia. There are no industrial sites or large production facilities within a radius of 150 km
Product quality
We ensure the purity and quality of our food by tracing the origin of all ingredients of the "final product"
We make sure that there are no harmful impurities and components at all stages of production, from watering seedlings and cattle grazing through harvesting to smoking meat and processing milk
We are committed to go beyond
and produce cheese, herbal teas, dried fruits and many more natural, and most importantly, healthy and environmentally friendly products
— Sytnye Sady team


Natural and healthy products are waiting for you!
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Testimonials of our customers
We have tried many products, including cottage cheese, sour cream, pickled cheese and of course milk!!! The long-forgotten taste of natural products is just Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried everything!!! I like very much cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk. The sour cream is also very fresh, but it is a bit like fermented baked milk. I like it with less sourness. The Brynza pickled cheese is too concentrated for me. It's not that it is salty, but its taste is very pronounced. The smoked products are wonderful! The cheese with fresh herbs is good, but you cannot eat much of it — it's an acquired taste. The butter is good. In general, the products are super. I will gladly buy both lamb and smoked meat. All of my family have tried and are delighted with the products. My Mom really liked them. Aunties in my village said that it was a taste from childhood, that it was a real thing, and that they had not eaten such things for years.
"Off the record" review:
The brynza is super! The milk is super! The rabbit, goose and chicken are super!
The bread is great. The butter is great. The cottage cheese is great.
The kefir is not quite kefir, it seems you don't keep to the formula.
As for the pork fat, I personally like when it is salted not smoked, but everyone to his taste. In general, the score is 5 out of 5 ;)
Dear Farmers,
You are doing a great and necessary thing, producing very delicious and healthy products! As urban residents, we do not have enough of them.
Our family is delighted with your tender cottage cheese, pungent salted cabbage and appetizing chicken! I have given some to my neighbors
We will order more, try everything and spread the word about you. Well done guys! Thank you! Good luck and prosperity!
I wish there are more hearty gardens and well-fed and joyful people in the city!
We have discovered a manufacturer of great dairy products. Tastes from our childhood have come back to us. We have tried almost every product they offer. You'll never find SUCH fresh products in a market or grocery store. @ecofarm_ssady .

P.S. Orders are delivered either in kraft bags or in string bags which are all the rage these days
We are always in touch
We are friends with our customers and we are always happy to answer your questions
+7 (926) 029 77 52
Kisva village, Pronsky District, Ryazan Region
Orders are delivered to Moscow on Tuesdays and Thursdays
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How to order
You can pay cash to the courier upon receipt of your order.

All products are prepared to orders, so please inform us of your wishes in advance.

The exact weight of meat products will be known on the day of delivery. Please specify an approximate weight of the desired product in your order.
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Order a callback
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Our courier will contact you to agree on the delivery time one day prior to the delivery date

Orders are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Terms of delivery
Orders placed before 12 a.m. Sunday noon will be delivered the next Tuesday.

Orders placed before 12 a.m. Tuesday noon will be delivered the next Thursday.

Please NOTE that all orders for SMOKED PRODUCTS need to be placed 5 days in advance.

Orders for SMOKED PRODUCTS placed before 3.00 pm on Thursday will be delivered the next Tuesday.

Orders for SMOKED PRODUCTS placed before 3.00 pm on Saturday will be delivered the next Thursday.
Delivery charges
The delivery charges depend on the amount of your order:

For orders of less than RUR 5,000, the delivery charge is RUR 500

For orders of RUR 5,000 or more, there is no delivery charge if your delivery address is in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road

A delivery charge for delivery addresses outside the Moscow Ring Road is negotiated on a case-by-case basis
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